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Just Where Do The Philadelphia Flyers Get Off On Scoring A Powerplay Goal This Sexual?

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LORDY! Let's take another look at that one, shall we?

Just 10 seconds into to powerplay. Win the draw. Give the puck to Contract Season Claude and let him do what he does best. That cheeky bastard. That dirty dog!

It's one thing to go with the bank pass in your home rink because you know the boards and you know how that puck is going to react coming off of them. Not that each rink set up is going to be terribly different but still. You have more familiarity with your home rink. And the Flyers already showed that against Vancouver in the season opener when it was Coots to Claude. 

And then last night, good guy Captain Claude decided to return the favor. Bank pass behind the net to Couturier, Couturier then puts it right out in front of the net and the Pigeon Man Jimmy van Riemsdyk is there to stuff it home. So disrespectful to pull that same move off against the Canucks for the 2nd time already this season and it's still October. But the Flyers aren't in the business of feelings. 

Just a sick goal that would hang on to be the game winner last night after Martin Jones settled in between the pipes for the Flyers after giving up a shaky first goal. 27 saves on 28 shots. 9/9 saves against the powerplay. What a homecoming for Martin Jones. And speaking of making their returns to Vancouver, Zack MacEwen made his first return to play against his former team. So naturally he had to drop the mitts at some point. 

Now as an unbiased journalist of honor and integrity, I'm willing to admit that MacEwen was kind of getting fed here. Schenn was definitely dealing in that fight. But MacEwen just ate all of them like a buffet so no harm, no foul. The only real foul here being that apparently grabbing on to a guy's shield during a fight gets you an extra 2 minutes in the box. 

I don't think I've ever seen that move before, so ya learn something new every day. 

4 points so far for the Flyers on this Western Canada roadie. A huge win against Edmonton. A great performance to bounce right back the next night against Vancouver. I think anybody would have been happy taking 4 out of 6 points during this road trip. But might as well go for all 6 tomorrow night in Calgary.