Taylor Hall Calls Out NHL's "Old Boys Club" And Their "Secrecy" In Wake Of Blackhawks Clusterfuck

The NHL world has been rocked this week after the law firm hired by the Chicago Blackhawks released the findings of their independent investigation. My compadre Chief has covered it extensively this week. 

I'm not sure how many other players were asked for their reactions during post-game pressers after last night's NHL games. But Taylor Hall's certainly picked up some traction

That's because he called out something players seldom do: the NHL's "old boys club", its "secrecy" and said there are "things that need to change". That's probably not something he would've said 10 years ago because of the likely repercussions, whether subtle or blatant. 

Today, Hall's a respected veteran and has made enough (FU) money to call shit out and not worry about any blowback. Not that he's gonnna get grief for calling out the atrocity that John McDonough and his crew committed (I know he left the Hawks awhile back but it feels like maybe we should be hearing that shitbag's name a little more this week). But it was at least nice to hear a prominent NHLer acknowledge that, no doy, there is indeed still an old boys club that traffics in cronyism, payback, and an archaic way of doing certain things. And yes, you're goddamn right every team has secrets that shouldn't be secrets, mostly to cover their own asses. 

How this and other statements from players will foment actual change will be determined over time. But between players finally speaking their minds a little more and the utes that currently run this league, it does feel that sea changes may be afoot. And if those changes prevent another person from going through what Kyle Beach did, they'll be most welcome.