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Baseball Players Suffer The Weirdest Injuries Part 453: Cardinals Prospect Dalton Roach Gets Bit By A Bear After It Climbed Into His Tree Stand While Hunting

I don't know what it is with baseball players and weird injuries. Sammy Sosa throwing out his back sneezing, Marty Cordova falling asleep in a tanning bed and getting burnt, Joey Zumaya getting hurt playing Guitar Hero. It never fails, a baseball player will get hurt in a strange way. This time we've got a MLB prospect checking in with a strange injury, come on down Dalton Roach! He's a pitcher for the Cardinals Double-A team and was deer hunting in Wisconsin a few weeks back when he saw a black bear moseying around while he was up in the tree stand. No big deal, black bears are basically big dogs, they don't hurt people, aren't aggressive, don't get that big usually. This one seemed to be a rogue bear though, the ones Dwight Schrute warns you about. 

Roach didn't seem threatened by the bear, he even took out his phone and started to record it. He said right when he put his phone away is when he noticed the bear was below him and starting to climb the tree. The bear ends up getting right behind roach and is breathing on his back, puts his paw on his lap and everything. Roach said he then tried to make himself seem bigger and more intimidating and started screaming. The bear dipped down the tree and went away and Roach eventually worked his way back down the tree to the ground after calling a buddy. That is when he noticed he was dripping blood. His body was so full of adrenaline and he was probably scared shitless and didn't even notice he got bit by the bear. He said he thought it was a 250-300 pound bear, if that thing nibbles on you, that's gonna be a rough looking wound. 

You can see in the picture above it isn't pretty but could have been worse. He drove himself to the emergency room and had to get the normal shots you get after being bit by a bear, tetanus shot, rabies shot, you know how it is. How badass would that be checking yourself into a hospital after that?

"Hi, what are you here for today?"

"Got bit by a bear I think, need you to take a look at it."

What a story this is going to be too. Comes into Spring Training out of shape? "Sorry skip, still have PTSD from that bear chewing on me and breathing down my back." Can't really say anything back to that. Just a crazy story for Roach that he'll always have and thankfully he isn't hurt too bad. I'm sure the shots after hurt more than the actual bear bite. Wild story that he will get to tell in the clubhouse for years to come.