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"Levels" Turned Ten Years Old Today

Apologies for not leading off the day with this. It probably would have made everybody's day that much better knowing today was "Levels" 10th birthday.

It's not hyperbole whatsoever to say this song "defined a generation."

It's just one of those songs that if you were in high school or college or around that age in 2011 this is that song for you. Anytime you hear it and you're immediately transported back in time to one or a few distinct memories that involve the Avicii masterpiece playing. 

For myself, I can honestly say I've never stopped playing it. It's one of those songs that has outlasted the garbage that has come out since and will probably stand the test of time another 10 years from now. 

Happy birthday Levels. 

In honor of the occassion Tim Bergling (Avicii)'s estate released this video from the last time he ever played the song live. Which was in 2016.

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