The Padres Just Swooped In And Stole Bob Melvin From The Oakland A's Out Of Nowhere

Michael Zagaris. Getty Images.

Uhhhhh the what now? Bob Melvin was the A's manager as of a few minutes ago. Now he's the Padres skipper out of fucking nowhere. Surprise hires in baseball happen from time to time, but not when that manager was running a current club and under contract. Apparently Bob Melvin was unhappy in Oakland and the team granted him permission to interview in San Diego. You fools. Didn't take long for him to agree to take over a team with Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado along with tons of other talent. Oh did I mention San Diego? What a great stealth hire by the Padres. They needed a voice for all those guys and they got one of the best. A.J. Preller doesn't fuck around. 

As for Oakland. Yikes…they willingly just allowed their fantastic manager to walk away just to save the $4 million owed to them. Didn't even get compensation for allowing a team to swoop in and steal their guy. For me that screams more is coming in terms of cuts, especially when you consider how cheap of an organization we're talking about here. Dallas knows…

That means a guy like Matt Olson could certainly be on the move. The 27 year old stud has two years of team control attached to him and would fetch a great package of prospects in return. If the Yankees gave them a call I wouldn't be upset. Sean Manaea and Matt Chapman might also be names to inquire about if you're a team looking for an upgrade. It's a real shame because the A's should be one of the teams buying this offseason, but with how trash their ownership is they'll just sell and regroup. Dark days ahead for Oakland.