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I'm Not Joking - The New York Knicks Are So Fucked Tonight Against The Bulls

First and foremost, Welcome Home Jo

Unbelievable highlight reel that's hitting anyone with a pulse directly in the feels. Jo is a special guy to a lot of people in this city and it's awesome he's back as an official ambassador. Whatever gets him more around the franchise is a widely approved byBulls fans everywhere. It would be disingenuous to start anywhere else than giving him an appropriate ball wash. Joakim deserves it. 

This is the benefit when you get to See Red in Chicago. Everything matters that much more. Granted it's still early season vibes but my senses tell me January and February will be much easier months to endure with this kind of ball movement and perimeter firepower. Feels good to be back. 

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All that said, we’ve heard time and again that Barstool Chicago is weak at covering the Bulls and that’s a pretty fair criticism. Although to be more fair it’s been basically impossible over the years. It’s bad business to talk for a living and then spend that time talking into a soundless void. From my perspective I don’t know if there’s ever been a more fruitless exercise than talking about the GarPax Bulls. 

Things started to turn last year with AK’s first season under the helm. LaVine took major steps forward while Billy D started to flex his vision. There was a major trade for Vuc and some promising signs from The Paw. Major changes were necessary but at least we got to see some action in 2020. For nothing else it was positive just to see the Bulls in a position to lose at the end of the game. 

Following this saga on the podcast has been nothing short of a challenge and that’s for one simple reason that I’ll reiterate. Nobody really cared. Maybe you did, or your friend, or that one guy at work. But talking about a large population of Chicago sports fans? Get the fuck outta here guys come on. In one ear and out the other. 

Things have now drastically changed as we approach Trestman-like levels of apathy towards the Bears and enough embarrassment to revisit the Blackhawks even being on TV. And as such, we’re starting a new winter with completely different priorities and objectives. Like it or not, this is where our path as Chicago sports fans takes us. We’re going all in on the Bulls. 

Personally I know that’s uncomfortable for a lot of people so I’m writing this blog to draw your attention to  Bulls vs. Knicks tonight. Specifically just how much the UC will be rocking with both teams being worth a shit for the first time in close to 30 fucking years. 

Many of you were too young to remember. Others simply never got the history lesson. But these two teams were out for blood in the 90’s and I don’t mean that figuratively. I’m talking legitimate human blood oozing from your opponent’s body. That was just as important as boxing out and shooting a high percentage from the field. Bulls Knicks was bad boy basketball and it was awesome. 

Not saying it’s a return to the Eastern Conference Finals on tonight but there should be a noticeable shift in atmosphere, energy and excitement. The Dunkin Bagel Coffee Donut race will probably run a little fast. Benny is going to have an extra bag of popcorn. The Luvabulls might go full horn-dog for Halloween while Thibs definitely plays his starters 47 minutes each. LaVine gets his first marquee matchup of the year and all you 4-0 haters get a chance to shut me up. It’s a perfect litmus test to figure out exactly how hard you want to commit to the Bulls in the 1st half. 

Gambling responsibly? here's +320 on the Bulls:

My advice is to surrender yourself now and go full commit. As the say in Batman, The Red is brightest just before the dawn. 

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