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Joakim Noah Said When He Found Out Derrick Rose Tore His ACL, It Was The Same Feeling He Had Seeing A Plane Crash Into The Twin Towers On 9/11. Wait, What?

I saw this quote going viral and thought "Look at those aggregators riling shit up on the bird without context yet again". Speaking of which, I hope my pal Deke Zucker is doing well wherever he/she/it is right now.

Then I saw there was a clip of the actual podcast.


Yup, that is pretty much exactly what Joakim Noah said, even if you can hear Noah's brain going from a "Do I say this?" red light to a "I don't know if this will come out right" yellow light to a "Ahhh fuck it, let's roll with it" green light.

Now here's the thing. I get what Joakim is saying when there is a big moment in your life that you remember every detail about it. The lighting of the room. The smell of the air. One really tiny detail that nobody notices but you. 

HOWEVAH, I think there are enough shared moments we've had over the last 20 years that we can put 9/11 on the top shelf for memories that don't end in thousands of innocent deaths. Yes, even if you are supercompetitive and your teammate hurt his knee really badly. There has to be ONE other devastating moment in Joakim's life that was more comparable that didn't involve moments that ended with thousands of innocent people dead.

I'm sure Joakim doesn't care about all the hullabaloo online since he'll be probably in Belize by this time tomorrow and forget the Internet exists. That is after the Bulls honor him before tonight's Knicks game.

Giphy Images.

Nonetheless, let's try to put the September 11th comps on ice for now and hopefully forever or at least until there is a moment that changes the world in an instant.