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Some Of These Athlete Signatures Are HORRENDOUS

With Halloween right around the corner, I thought it would be an appropriate time to check out the *spookiest* athlete signatures over the years. Pardon My Take continues its relationship with Goldin Auctions, so we are going to use some of their recommendations for this topic. In case you missed it, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter have gone live on the PMT YouTube page twice this fall so far, with Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions and longtime friend and two-time Blake of the Year winner, Blake Griffin. You can watch those appearances back here:

Every time I look at an autograph, I'm amazed by some of the directions the pen/marker seemed to have gone in. For others, I'm questioning what is going on. Here is the question started off by Goldin Auctions from late March:

And here are the results from that question, that include some jaw-dropping responses. First up, former Yankees legend Ronald Torreyes, also known as "Toe."

Uhhh, I think the assignment was "signature" and not "handwriting." That is certainly not a signature, but I'll say this: it is pretty clean handwriting.

Cole Anthony: stud at North Carolina, doing big things in the NBA with the Magic, but this... what is this?!


This is what they teach you at Duke, I guess. A part of me is thinking that Cam Reddish accidentally drew on his own card and then they decided to sell it, because this looks like he just won a bingo game via the diagonal line.

Don't let Frank The Tank see this one, because it's only fitting that this autograph is from a New York Met. I don't see any sort of letter on that card at all.

We'll end things with what looks identical to a tipi. Maybe it's supposed to be the "A" in Maurice Ager's last name. If that's the case, I've certainly seen worse. In fact, A+ for the creativity here.