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What Should The Punishment For Raining Turds On Your Neighbors Be?

There are a few disgusting levels to this lady. 

1. Raining your dogs poop on your neighbors yard is hilariously disrespectful. Also lazy the point where I almost think it is genius.

2. She is obviously grossed out by the idea of packing up her dog's shit and putting it in her garbage, but not grossed out at all by bringing the slathered-up poop scooper back into her apartment. 

3. She's also apparently not grossed out by walked around barefoot on that shit-stained balcony! 

Point is, this person is NASTY. So what should the punishment for this offense be? Personally, this video immediately made me think of the Middle Ages. I feel like there are fair amount of shows and movies set in the period where you see people tossing their shids right into the cobblestone roads. Apparently, this was less common than advertised. Nevertheless, I suggest that this woman receive a period-appropriate punishment. Not burning at the stake or anything like that. But being lashed to the stock and pelted with spoiled food seems kosher to me.