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PETA Has Had It Up To Here With Baseball's 'Bullpen' Deeming The Name Too Offensive To Cows And Wants It Changed to 'Arm Barn'

With all of the issues going on in the world you can always count on PETA to tackle the biggest problems. They're at it again, this time incensed over the simple baseball term 'bullpen.' Apparently the cows have been up in arms about where relievers warm up before entering games and it's time to hear their voice. Cows. The Cows are upset. Long as it been discussed how insensitive baseball is towards cows and enough is enough. 

Way too often do I read something and sit back wondering if I'm even alive anymore. Just recently Demi Lovato spoke out in defense for extraterrestrials that we've never made contact with in human history and said 'aliens' is too offensive of a word to call them. Gotta draw the line somewhere and renaming the bullpen because it is insensitive to cows is too much. And I'm not being disrespectful to cows, I absolutely love animals. Go look at my tiktok algorithm and it's just adorable animals with the occasional underdressed female doing a choreographed dance. I watched John Wick again last night and had trouble getting past the scene where his dog dies. I am a lover of animals of all kinds but I can't get behind this. We can't be canceling bullpens unless Andrew Heaney or Zack Britton are involved, then I'm fully on board. 

All the outrage aside, the name 'arm barn' is big fire. When we went from disabled list to injured list it was just a meh change. Nothing flashy about it in any way, just get used to it and move on. Going from bullpen to arm barn might actually be an improvement from what we got. Now I'm not here to cater to PETA and the intent behind this is ridiculous, but if a change was made I could hypothetically get on board. Why couldn't anyone else come up with this? If I have to deal with Aaron Boone mismanaging the bullpen for 3 more years I'll blow my brains out, but if he's mismanaging the 'arm barn' I might make it. If anyone except PETA was pushing this I'm all the way in, but unfortunately that's not the case so bullpen has to stay.