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The Story of How Kat Stickler became TikTok Famous

Before you go straight to the comments to write how this isn't typical Barstool content...let's all chill, read the full SHORT story and if you still hate it after the end you can comment whatever you want!

So...let's all just sit down, relax and learn how Kat Stickler went from being known as our favorite TikTok couple, Mike & Kat...

To the single mom on TikTok we are now all obsessed with.

And for those who don't know who Kat is, that's ok!!! I am just happy you are still reading this story. Keep on keeping on and I will explain everything you need to know…

The history of Mike & Kats relationship - 

  • December 2018: Mike & Kat start dating
  • March 2019: Mike & Kat find out they are pregnant with their daughter, MK and get married
  • May 2020: Mike & Kat start their TikTok account
  • June 2020: Mike & Kat introduce their daughter, MK to TikTok and they go viral
  • June - August of 2020: They go viral and become a TikTok famous couple/family

The Separation:

On March 2021 - Mike & Kat announce they're separating on a TikTok video. After that video was posted, that was the last we saw of Mike. Mike and Kat socials quickly became Kat and MK (which we were all fine with!!!). 

The separation was hard on all of their fans but honestly it was probably one of the best things that could have happened to Kat. There are 2 things we love to see on social media…relationships and breakups. The internet eats up a breakup and once Kat and Mike broke up, Kat's socials blew up. People followed to get the tea, to support her, to cope with her and to understand what the new single Kat would be like. The separation also allowed Kat to be more of herself and show the world the real Kat. She started giving us glimpses of new sides to her - sides we didn't see when she was with Mike. She was more vulnerable, funny and relatable than ever before. All of this made Kat go insanely viral and grow a cult like following fast.

Since the separation Kat has been blowing up on all social media platforms and now is a TikTok icon and social medias favorite single mom. She is thriving with almost 1 million Instagram followers and over 8 million TikTok followers.

THE END and If reading isn't your thing, here is the video describing it all:

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