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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Finally Showed Up At Wrexham And Promptly Ripped Some Shots With The Team's Fans

It's all finally happening. When Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney took over as owners for Wrexham they had a couple of ideas. They wanted to be active owners. But even more than that, they wanted to be part of the Wrexham culture. They talked about wanting to share a pint with fans. They talked about a Netflix show in the works about Wrexham. I want to see all of it. Now they finally are over at Wrexham and well living up to the hype. Ripping shots with fans? Of course it was likely Ryan Reynolds' gin company. But the fact is they are doing it. Imagine an owner over here just hanging out at a bar ripping shots with fans. We don't really have the same connection to our sports teams as those in England, Wales, Scotland, etc have to their smaller clubs. 

All I know is we found an episode of It's Always Sunny.

Need one of Mac trying to be a soccer player. Have Frank own the team. Dennis fighting to be the coach. Charlie can make a green man appearance. It's all in the works. I don't even care if it's an ad for Wrexham. I'm still going to watch and laugh. 

They are even staying there for a home match this weekend. (h/t DailyMail)

Both stars will be present for Saturday's visit of Torquay United and a viewing platform has been built for the owners into the Macron Stand.

McElhenney said he plans to visit some games with his family while Reynolds hopes to attend several games this season and when asked, he said out of any celebrity he would most like to get Will Ferrell down to the Racecourse Stadium.  

Yep. Need Will Ferrell to show up too. Dude enjoys soccer. Let him get over there and enjoy it with some pals. Now I do wish there was no viewing platform. Just put Rob and Mac in the middle of the crowd. I get the safety precaution but let them be in the middle of it all. Go to the bar before the match, get some pints, parade over with the fans and have a day. 

Oh and the Declan Swans that tweeted that picture out? They dropped a fire song back when the news originally broke. 

Catchy is catchy.