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Some Guys Are Just Backpack Guys. Let Mark Davis Live

I'm sorry but what in the actual frick is this question? In what way does having a crap ton of money in your bank account change the fact that you need a vessel to carry around all the shit you need throughout your day? Is this really where we're at today as a society? Backpack shaming in 2021? Makes me sick. 

Every crew needs a backpack guy. Show me someone who doesn't understand and appreciate how clutch it is to have someone in the group with a ton of space to hold everything, and I'll show you a guy who simply doesn't have any friends. You have the backpack in the summer so you can always carry around a towel and maybe a spare change of clothes with you. Never know when you're going to find yourself in a situation where you take a quick swim. Or maybe you're a dude who just gets super sweaty and you don't want to go out later in the day in the same clothes you just drenched in sweat during the afternoon. 

You have to have the backpack in the fall and spring because of the drastic temperature swings. You leave your house in the morning with a flannel and a hoodie on. It warms up during the day, you're not going to want to have it tied around your waist all day. Throw it in the bag, be comfortable throughout the afternoon, throw it back on when you're getting drinks later that night. 

Speaking of drinks, the backpack guy is always able to keep a few road sodas in the bag for everyone. Hold the phones the wallets the keys, that way nobody has to worry about throwing on a pair of pants that might be just a bit too snug that you can't fit anything in the pockets. Looking out for the fellas while they're putting on a little extra winter weight. It doesn't get cooler than that. 

So yeah. Moral of the story is that the backpack guy is essential to every crew. And the fact that Mark Davis is rich as fuck doesn't negate the fact that he's willing to be that guy for his squad. Killer backpack, killer jacket, killer haircut, killer bro.