This 10-Year-Old Girl Absolutely Ethered the Entire Manchester United Team

It was a rough weekend for Manchester United, which was thrashed 5-0 at home by Liverpool on Sunday. Mo Salah netted a hat trick in what was the most embarrassing loss at Old Trafford in recent memory.

For all the criticism and banter leveled by commentators and opposing fans, absolutely nobody did a better job burying the United squad than this little girl. She went nuclear on everybody. You can live with Gary Neville saying you played terribly and were a complete and utter embarrassment, that's his job. But it hits different when it's coming from a fifth grader who's actually making sense.

"The players at the back like Shaw, he used to be a brilliant player ... You don't even know if he's on the pitch anymore," she said. "It's like the players at the back are thinking, 'Oh yeah, we've got Sancho, we've got Ronaldo, we've got nearly all the best players in the world. We don't need to do any work now, they can just attack.'"

This video should be shown to every defender on United in their next film session in front of the entire team. I'd venture to say having to watch this in front of your teammates is the only thing more embarrassing than conceding five goals at home.

And when Ole Gunnar Solskjær gets the axe, somebody give this girl a call and at least let her give some input on the next manager because she's fed up with this nonsense. Given she was a year old in 2012, she's never even seen United win the Premier League. Real shame.