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"Hold My Costas" Frat Bros Brawl At LSU-Ole Miss

So here we have what look like Ole Miss pledges getting the shit kicked out of them by LSU Frat bros. This video is pretty pathetic for a fight video but it is the little intricacies that make it hilarious. 

We have a bunch of obviously younger guys in suits who are sorry ass pledges who have been doing god knows what types of tasks for the past 24 hours before this video is taken. The LSU guys are obviously older, non-pledges that haven't been up since 5 am preparing tailgates and doing chores. At this point, you can tell a lot of the pledges do not want to even be at the game. Most of them are probably sober designated drivers for their own frat brothers' drunk asses. Ole Miss is winning so the game isn't even competitive. Now the LSU guys are pissed their team is losing so they decide to take it out on the conveniently locatede pledges that are barely out of high school. The LSU guys are kicking the shit out of these pencil-neck pledges. This isn't even a fight this is just child abuse. 

To top it all off the best part is the one guy who tells his buddy "Hold my Costas" with zero self-awareness regarding how he needs someone to hold his $250 glasses to go beat up helpless pledges. I mean if you look closely you just see 18-year-olds with outdated Bieber flow getting their shit rocked. Tbh having flow makes it look way worse when you get your clock cleaned.