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The Goon Squad In Detroit Is Getting So Out Of Hand That Now Red Wings Trainers Are Clotheslining Players

The Detroit Red Wings have been making a statement to the rest of the league pretty loud and clear to start off the 2021-22 season. This is not a team to be trifled with. 

They might not be the best team on paper. They still might be young and inexperienced, especially as far as playoffs go. But Yzerman is building something in Detroit. He's loading up on talent. But more importantly, he's loading up on guys who are going to make their opponents leave the ice every night thinking to themselves, "holy shit, I hate those pricks". It's a full blown goon squad up there in Detroit. The Motor City Hitmen. 

And apparently it's not just the players who aren't taking shit from anybody this season. It's trickled down from management to the players and now to the training staff. 

If you've watched Dylan Larkin's game so far this season, you'd almost think this was a set play. That he would go out there with a little crack in his stick so he could purposefully break it midshift. Then chase a guy down the ice and herd him directly in front of the Red Wings bench, and then have the trainer ready to pull the trigger on the killshot at the very last moment. 

Some players work on set plays off of draws. D-Boss works on set plays to maim his opponents. And as if taking the CCM JetSpeed to the chiclets wasn't enough for Kuznetsov (sidenote: interesting that Larkin changed sticks over from Warrior this year), Dylan Larkin provided the final dagger of the night to give Detroit a 3-2 win in overtime. 

3 goals and 8 points in 6 games for D-Boss. New twig seems to be doing the trick.