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Mark Ingram Gets Traded To The Saints Annndddddd 13 Minutes Later Brandin Cooks Tweets About 'Something' Being Bullshit (Wink, Wink)

I honestly respect the shit out of Brandin Cooks for not deleting this tweet. He fired it off not long after the Texans traded Mark Ingram to the Saints. He's just going to let it hang out there and frankly he ain't wrong. The Texans are a joke. Imagine if you once had DeAndre Hopkins and just traded him for a running back. That guy Hop - pretty good at football. Congrats on that 2nd round pick though. I'm sure the Texans won't fuck it up.  

I actually feel for Brandin Cooks. The dude is good! Even with Davis Mills and that massive neck throwing the ball to him. He's still gone for 45 catches and 502 yards this year. He's 16th in the league in yards. Again, not bad considering how damn bad the Texans are. They aren't even competitive. It's a minor miracle that the Texans have a player on offense actually showing up. 

Now Cooks should do this. I don't blame him for wanting to get traded from the Texans. I'd be calling the team a joke and shit on Twitter all the time. Do it after the smallest thing. They didn't have Orange Gatorade at practice? Bullshit joke. They had S'Mores Pop Tarts instead of Wild Berry? Bullshit joke. Every day he should be sending out this tweet like he's Jon Rothstein telling us to stay hungry and stay humble. Remember he was traded to the Texans. Not like he signed there willingly. 

Again, I respect this. He didn't do the standard tweet out and delete. He's leaving it up. More athletes should do that.