It Feels So Damn Good To Hate The Chicago Bulls With A Burning Passion Again

I've been thinking about this for the last 24 hours. I'm not going to lie. It's the most excited I've been for a regular season NBA game in what's been years? Decades? The Bulls ruined my fucking life growing up. Every year, little Reags would get his hopes up. I'd sit on the couch with Pops Reags and watch our beloved Knicks. I know, I know. It's not a Chicago garage, but watching games on a couch or a recliner is just my preference. I also can't tell stories of my older brothers because I only have a younger brother. Such is life though. I digress. The point is, I hate(d) the Bulls with every single fiber of my being. Seeing MJ chomping on that gum and then just kicking my ass every single game? I lost my mind. 

Then it happened. Both teams sucked. Look at that Tommy Stat above. That's why I'm fucking pumped for tonight. I need to hate the Bulls again. I was taught a few things as a Knicks fan in my 30s. First, that bum ass Reggie Miller pushed off. Refs blew that game, not the Knicks. Second, Pat Riley leaving for the Heat is the ultimate snake move. Third, fuck James Dolan. Fourth, We hate the Bulls, Pacers, Heat, Celtics and Sixers. I, nay all Knicks fans, needed this. 

Oh and you don't think the Bulls are playing some mind games? 

Dirty ass franchise. Luckily we have Derrick Rose. We have Taj Gibson. We have Thibs. Sure you may have stole Lonzo Ball from us. Yeah, I still wanted Lonzo badly. The guy is a good point guard, improved his shooting and can defend. He would have been perfect on the Knicks. So 'See Red' all you want. Fuck that. Although Seein Red is a fire song, especially on the Grind soundtrack. 

This isn't about Seein Red though. This is about hatred. This is about 30+ years of being tormented and never being a happy kid in early June. This is about how important it is for the Knicks and Bulls to be good for the NBA. It's awesome to have this going again. My only request is this game gets moved to NBC and we get this back. 


Only this time Michael Jordan can't save you. Scottie Pippen can't save you. The Knicks don't have Charles fucking Smith out there to miss layups. Fuck Charles Smith. Instead we have Julius Randle. We have Derrick Rose. We have Fournier. We have Kemba and All-NBA Defender RJ Barrett. We have the real and better Mitch. We have Taj and Quick and Burks. Maybe we'll get crazy and unleash the Walls of Jericho tonight. 

Tonight is about the 90s. Tonight is about hatred. Tonight is how we continue to set the tone that the Knicks are here. Tonight is why we don't leave as fans. Tonight is why we watched every single game, every single season for all these years. Suffering and hoping we saw a team worth a damn again. We're here. Bing Bong. 

Fuck the Bulls. Nobody is seeing red. Hit the damn music all day.