I Need To Pound 100 Busch Lights With This Guy

Full disclosure, we had a long day of recording today and I came home, hit the peloton (went w/ Olivia Omato today), cooked a steak to perfection, then blasted myself with 3chi before hitting the couch for the baseball game. In the midst of my cool buzz, I saw the picture above and had to do a double take because I thought I knew who the guy on left was... but at the same time I figured I was a little in the clouds and there was no way, NO WAY could that be Brad Miller.


That's Brad Miller. Same Brad Miller that had a really decent career and almost got decapitated by Shaq like 20 years ago:

Unbelievable! Idk if this look of his is old news or anything but I don't pay attention to the NBA for dick really, so when I saw this pic my immediate reaction was "I need to throw in a horse shoe of cope and guzzle 100 Busch lights in a dimly lit dive bar immediately with Jo's buddy on the left oh shit that's Brad Miller". And I know what you're thinking, "WSD you're a Miller Lite sponsored athlete!!! WHY WOULD YOU DRINK BUSCH LIGHT???" and that'd be because I want to consume the shittiest, foulest, most disgusting beer on earth with Brad Miller. That's the kinda vibe he gives off. Busch light would be that perfect amount of swill.