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Fantasy Football Mid-Season Rankings: Your Pre-Deadline Trading Guide

Sam Greenwood. Getty Images.

Your fantasy football league's trading deadline is coming up! Maybe you got off to a hot start and are 5-2 or better and are looking to make a move to put you over the top. Maybe you're middle of the pack and want to make a move to assure yourself a ticket into the post-season. Or maybe you've fallen flat and are looking to deal some players to try and change up the juju. Whatever the reason is, this is the time to deal. While our pre-season rankings helped managers land Cooper Kupp and if you were paying to attention to the Fantasy Football Factory, we stood on the table telling you to add Cordarrelle Patterson when he was only 14% rostered. I'm less into the overall rankings as most teams will be weaker at one position as opposed to another, so here is how I stack the position groups going into the 2nd half of the fantasy season. This is not just a listing of most points to least, but rather how I would rank them if everyone has 0.00 points today based on what we've seen so far:





Again, this is how I forecast them finishing the season, not just a cumulative rank of their total points or points per game. Big thanks to my guy Richie Weber for his assistance on the graphics. And be sure to check out this week's Fantasy Football Factory where we break down our mid-season rankings.