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Dave Portnoy Will Soon Know About "The Destroyer"




Time is flying and I am only 9 short days away from playing Day 1B of $10,000 WSOP Main Event next Friday in Las Vegas.

Today in the Barstool Sports office, I let Dave Portnoy was thinking about playing the Main 



and I let him know about The Destroyer and to look out in WSOP Main Event.



I am going for my 3rd cash in 6th Main Event and am up $80,000 in it lifetime. My best finish was 75th out of 7,000+ players in 2011. I feel confident about my game after 2 cashes on my WSOP trip a few weeks ago.

All of the Cracking Aces crew (Nate, Smitty, Jake Toole & me) are heading to Vegas next week We are excited and set the table for the trip on the latest episode.



I am going to write a couple more blogs about past WSOP Main Events before I fly out next Thursday afternoon.

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