Video: Kangaroo Stampede Takes Over Australian Fairway

From an attempted count I got at least 20+ kangaroos rolling up the fairway towards amateur golfer Wendy Powick. Not gonna lie, I got a little nervous for her at the end when this fella came rolling up:

But fear not, Powick is not easily messed with.. 

The creation of her Instagram account coincided with her journey into learning the game of golf in 2020 & she's gone all-in since then. 

It was fun to scroll through & see her skill & style evolve in a game that can be intimidating for newcomers, especially women. (I still feel awkward hitting the course on the rare occasions I do.) Apparently after getting some grief for her shorter shorts, skirts and dresses at some of the country clubs she refused to shrink & is having fun with the old-timers. A delight…


Let there be 1,000 kangaroos hopping & short skirts bopping as far as I'm concerned. I'm not spendin' any time on it, because in the meantime every three months a person is torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland.