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No Way! Jerry Jones Says He Is "Very Satisfied" With How The NFL Handled The Snyder Investigation


I don't believe it. I won't believe it. Jerry Jones is perfectly fine with how the NFL handled (aka ignored) the Dan Snyder/WFT scandal? He's a-ok, no problemo with how they gave Dan a slap on the wrist and didn't even release a written report? I simply don't believe it! Almost as if he's saying "when I'm in trouble for this same shit, treat me the same way". 

At least one owner out there has balls. Mark Davis, take a bow.



What's the point of being a billionaire if you aren't going to stand up for what's right? And what's right in this situation is to completely shit on Snyder and Goodell. I 100% understand why the Jerry Jones' of the world won't- they know what sort of emails they've sent, and they don't want ANY of that coming to light. I mean shit- we 100% have evidence Dan Snyder allowed sexual assault to happen within the organization under his ownership and he was given after school detention and not allowed to go to recess for 2 days. That was the extent of it. So yeah no kidding the owners are cool with that punishment- nothing fucking happened. Now his wife runs the show (wink, wink) and he gets to continue running our favorite football team into the depths of hell. 

I'll never stop writing about this story, even if there's a fire. Now if I mysteriously get murdered one afternoon, it's Dan Snyder. Just let me put that in writing- it was Dan's people. Fuck him. Go Caps.