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Nick Sirianni Is Now Motivating The Eagles By Rambling About Flowers Needing To Be Watered...Wait, What???

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Wow. Just, wow. And here I thought dropping an erroneous Kerry Kittles reference during a 45 min talk about Iverson's crossover during a football press conference was peak Sirianni word vomit. This…this is truly astonishing stuff right here. Can you imagine being a group of professional athletes who have been getting embarrassed on a weekly basis listening to this? What did Sirianni expect his response would be? 

"Yeah! Water and grow! Fertilize us! Bring on the Lions!!! AGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

It's not even funny anymore. It's just embarrassing. And it sucks cause Sirianni seems like a good, likeable dude, but he's just a high school football coach. Simple as that. If this team was even average with a little bit of hope he could spout off stuff like this and it would be somewhat acceptable. Hell, it would even be endearing. But when your NFL team is failing in almost every facet of the game and the blame falls pretty much directly on the head coach, GM, and owner, just shut the hell up. Keep it short and simple, man. Usually the smartest people in the room say very little or are at least the most concise in articulating what they're talking about. The one's who go off and ramble about bullshit but never prove or even get to the point? Yeah, we all know those people. Shit, I'm one of those morons. And me with you don't want football coach with same intelligence as I. Me fail English? That's umpossible.  

Now let's go back and look at clips from Nick Sirianni's first press conference when all off the writing was on the wall - IMMEDIATELY. Just watch this and be aghast at how this man is a head coach in the NFL. 

PS - Rone and I talk about Nick Sirianni extensively on the First Time Long Time podcast dropping later today. Be sure to hang up and listen.