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Today In Metsland: Chris Christie Is Reportedly Among The Group Of People Helping Steve Cohen Find The Mets Next President Of Baseball Operations

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Well that is certainly one way to get all the people mad that Sandy Alderson is in charge of the President of Baseball Ops search to reconsider their stance. As someone who is firmly subscribed to the Church of Cohentology and already downed a dozen cups of Uncle Stevie Kool Aid, even I will admit that the thought of having a Cowboy fan who once was allegedly involved in shutting down the GWB during rush hour being involved in my future happiness is tough to swallow. 

However, I am loyal to Bobby Axe as the owner of the New York Metropolitans Baseball Club until my dying day and will continue to believe that everything will work out in the end no matter how bad things look because that's what we do as Mets fans. It's not like all those Billions episodes aren't littered with political strife, potential pitfalls, and the plot device known as conflict that all the money in the world can't fix. This story, along with all the other crazy bullshit from the last year, is just another example of the last few road bumps we have to overcome as fans before this franchise becomes a well-oiled machine like Point 72. 

Shit, this report about the Mets once again being denied the right to interview a candidate for their POBO role has me feeling more confident than ever in Cohen.

Yes I realized who tweeted this, which is why I am taking this tweet with the tiniest grain of salt simply because that salt makes me feel better about everything that's happened that month, along with a ton of salty snacks I realize I am stress eating after every time we cross another name off the candidates list.

I would actually be concerned if the other 29 baseball teams were fine with the Mets interviewing their supernerds. But all these teams telling the Mets no or leaving them on read is a sign that they are scared of Uncle Stevie's big brain, balls, and bag of money actually building another big market superteam in New York. The Mets may not get their first, second, or tenth choice and may be forced to promote from within because their billionaire owner is the new boogeyman of baseball. But sooner or later they are going to get their person, or at least A person, and then there will only be one thing for those executive hoarding baseball teams like the Brewers to do once the Mets big market battle station is fully operational.


P.S. The Baseball Blogging Gods owe me a report of Uncle Stevie forcing Chris Christie to eat something he didn't want to during all these meetings if for no other reason than I can bring up this story yet again.