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Aliens Are Doing So Many Beers As Scientists Have Found A Giant Cloud Of Alcohol That's 1000x Larger Than Our Solar System

Go space! Go space! Go space! How about this as a nice pick-me-up on a Humpday? I've never truly thought about what the alchol scenario would be like in space although I'm very happy to know I'm never gonna run out if I happen to pivot careers over to being an astronaut because a massive cloud of alcohol sounds LEGIT. And you're telling me there's enough alcohol in there to make 400 trillion-trillion pints of beers? I mean 20 minutes ago I thought a zillion beers was the most beers anyone can drink and now I'm over here wondering if that needs to be changed to a trillion-trillion. A trillion trillion simply has to be more than a zillion although that's a question that needs to be left up to the beer guy.

And what the hell does a cloud of alcohol even mean? Can you drink said alcohol if it's in the form of a cloud? I guess time will tell because my fingers sure are crossed that at some point our space technology makes our way out there to see for ourselves. Sure- the moon landing was cool and all yet that pails in comparison to the gargantuan alcohol cloud. I say forget Mars. Forget Jupiter. Forget Saturn. Forget black holes. Let's just get to the goddamn alcohol cloud! Can't leave all that good stuff to the extra-terrestrials out there.