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The First Owner Steps To Goodell - Mark Davis Wants To Know What Was Discovered In The Washington Football Team Investigation


ICYMI, Roger Goodell has been called out for lying through his teeth about the entire WFT investigation and why there was no written report. He's protecting Daniel Snyder and allowing more smoke to billow through the NFL, and I hope this story does not go away until either Snyder, Goodell, or both do. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I think there is WAY more to this and it has potential to be an all-time scandal with just how bad NFL front offices are. 

It seems Goodell thought it would all go away once Jon Gruden became the fall guy. He resigned because of emails found in the WFT investigation, in which no actual written report was ever filed for. Mark Davis is rightfully not too pleased about it and has become the first owner to demand more answers:



Another timber in the fire. Keep the pressure on them. Do not allow them to keep sweeping this under the rug. Daniel Snyder is unfit to own an NFL franchise and in my opinion should be in jail, minimum. Hopefully other owners speak up against what the NFL is trying to do here. Don't let them off the hook. Keep pressing. Fuck Dan Snyder. Go Caps.



PS: Look at the video. Mark Davis is so cute. Like a little kid waiting for the school bus to take him to PF Changs.