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Slow Down You Crazy Child! The City Of Vienna, Austria Has Created Their Own OnlyFans Account

Forbes- In what is likely a first for the wildly popular NSFW site OnlyFans, an entire city has created an account to share “sexually explicit” images with the world. After other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram consistently blocked images from some of Vienna, Austria’s revered museums, including those of works by Rubens and Schiele for reasons of “excessive nudity” and “adult entertainment,” the Vienna Tourist Board turned to OnlyFans, the only platform that wouldn’t censor their priceless are collections. As with most OnlyFans accounts, there’s a subscription fee for accessing Vienna’s content, and new subscribers can snag a Vienna City Pass or ticket to a featured museum while supplies last. At time of publication, there’s a promotion of $3 for 31-day access, and the regular subscription fee is $4.99 per month. Speaking of the decision to move to such a controversial platform in order to continue showing the city’s nude works, Vienna Tourist Board Director Norbert Kettner explains, "In social media, algorithms determine how much nudity may be shown and often censor world-famous works of art. We question how much nudity we can tolerate and who can determine what we find offensive. In the cultural metropolis of Vienna, the question can be answered: Nude art is socio-political and artistic part of cultural history."

WELL! That's interesting. In news I surely did not expect to see today was the city of Vienna, Austria has made themselves an account on OnlyFans. Yes, that OnlyFans which happens to offer some of the greatest erotic renderings from folks famous and not all throughout the world. They got Corinna Kopf. They got Kieran Lee. They got Bella Thorne. And now they have a legitimate city in Austria. I mean when I first read this headline I assumed it was some random rinky dink city in the middle of some country I've never heard of, but Vienna? Vienna's a pretty LEGIT city and I'm not only saying that because it may or may not be the title of one of Billy Joel's best songs.

And speaking of that...they're so ambitious for a juvenile with this move! When I heard a city made an OnlyFans I didn't know what this meant. Were they maybe so sexually advanced over there in Austria that they're producing their own porn? Was it just random pictures of the cities skyline etc? Who knows! The possibilities were endless but posting sexually-explicit art work sure didn't cross my mind and that's probably because I'm dumb. Either way though it sounds like a great idea for horny art fans. Now I would be remised to not share the link here...obviously. Enjoy! If that's what you're into.