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This Woman Went Full Kamikaze In A Bike Race And The Video Is Stunning





I have re-watched this video 205 times and I am 100% convinced that lady made a self-sacrifice for the ages. She wasn't looking down at her phone, she wasn't oblivious to what was happening in the race, she literally went full-kamikaze and took a header that would make insert soccer player here jealous. 

The cyclist apparently lost consciousness and lord knows how that lady is doing. If she's dead my Ts and Ps go out to her, but also, she would have accomplished what she set out for. 

I hope more details come out and she's the side piece of the guy in 2nd place or something extra juicy like that. I need to know so badly why she did this. Because she really sent it 100% and took a nasty spill, there's gotta be a good reason. Gotta. Would be very anti-climatic if she is just a moron.