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A PSG Player Was Reportedly Robbed By A Prostitute In His Car While At A Park Known For Being A 'Popular Rendezvous Place'

[Sun] - AN unnamed Paris Saint-Germain player reportedly had their 'phone and wallet' nicked by a prostitute in the west of the city on Tuesday night.

According to Le Point, the footy star had his possessions stolen after stopping at a traffic light in the Bois de Boulogne public park.

The alleged prostitute is said to have entered the car and immediately made a beeline for the glove compartment, which is where the player's wallet and a phone were being kept.

The player was then reportedly told he would only get his phone back if he drove to a specific location.

Woof. Talk about your all-time bad breaks. Here you are, a soccer player for one of the most famous clubs in the world, just hanging out in your car at a traffic light and a prostitute approaches. Okay, not too uncommon. Until she gets in the car and makes a beeline for the glove compartment. Good luck explaining that one to your wife and fans. It's 2021 and this man is rich. Doors lock basically any time you drive over 10mph in any car. Since it was 8pm there's no way this dude was driving windows down jamming out to some Call Me Maybe. 

Now I went and did some research like any good blogger. This Bois de Boulogne public park is apparently a 'popular rendezvous point' for prostitutes. (h/t Wikipedia) 

Though soliciting for prostitution is illegal in France, at nighttime parts of the Bois de Boulogne are a popular rendezvous place for prostitutes, usually working in vans parked by the side of the road. The French government has been trying to eliminate this business from the park.

I assume that's public knowledge if you're in Paris. So if you're driving there and sitting at a light and you see someone approach the car, you have to assume it's someone in the prostitution business. Maybe put two and two together. Eyes straight ahead, hands on the wheel, don't be afraid to run a red light. You're in a car for crying out loud. You have the upper hand! I always try to put myself in these situations and I'm 100% in the 'flight' vs fight mode. I'm going 80 through that light and getting the hell away from there. 

I also have another weird question here. How the hell do you keep your phone in the glove compartment? I've never heard of such a move. It's borderline insane. Everyone knows you keep your phone under your balls between your lap on the phone. Maybe on the lap if you trust yourself. Nobody in the right mind keeps it in the glove compartment. That might be the shadiest part of the whole thing. Nobody and I mean nobody goes glove compartment for a phone. I don't care what country you're in, how much money you have, anything. It stays on your lap or under your lap. 

Now there is an alleged - I stress alleged - report of who it could be. 

It would check out a little bit. I blogged about our guy Andres here before. 

Boy is he going to be in trouble. The lesson here as always is drive away. Always, always drive away.