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Knickstape Is #BACK! Fat Joe Started Rapping On The Sidewalk Outside MSG In A Goddamn Nor'Easter Last Night After The Knicks Whooping Of The Sixers

Remember when idiots were saying that New York was dead last year??? I honestly can't remember the last time I've seen the city more alive than right now. Not only are the Knicks winning, which always has NYC feeling electric, but the streets are turning into block parties after every Knicks home game W. Fans going crazy, players chiming in, and Joe Crack The Don giving out free mini concerts to the people in the middle of a fucking monsoon.

How lucky are we to be Knicks fans right now? Yes that sentence caused my brain and fingers to cramp up in confusion as I typed it. But this shit is so much fun right now. It's like the last two decades were us living life as basketball fan caterpillars hungry for winning hoops, we all went inside because of the rona in March, and emerged from our cocoons as a beautiful basketball butterfly with an official battle cry.

Bing fucking bong. Sorry if the caterpillar analogy seemed forced, we have been reading the fuck out of The Hungry Caterpillar these days in the Casa de Clem. RIP Eric Carle the GOAT.

P.S. I neeeeeeeed Caleb to finally land Fat Joe for an interview, preferably on a Sundae Conversation just to see how J. A. Cartagena handles this face.