Gotta Support The Team: Fan Rushes The Field And Delivers A Perfect Slide Tackle To Stop The Opposing Team From Wasting Time

[Sun] - The supporter showed the art of tackling is alive and kicking in the Conference Premier League when he burst onto the pitch as Altrincham hosted Solihull.

The visitors were 2-1 up with a minute left when they regained possession through veteran striker Adam Rooney. The 33-year-old headed for the corner flag as he aimed to run down the clock at Moss Lane.

But out of nowhere arrived a fan determined to stop the forward in his tracks.

Listen, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. I respect this move. In fact I think you should be allowed to do this once a season. I remember KFC coming up with his rule that players can fight fans once a season. I say fans can disrupt play once a season BUT they have to make a play on the ball. Something like this here. Down 2-1 with a minute left or so and the opposing team is trying to waste time? Go make a play on the ball. What a play on the ball it was too. A perfect slide tackle. Got it clean, popped up and was ready for the counterattack. Now in my world, this means Altrincham is out of fan involvement. Like I said, you have to make a play on the ball. So you better find a fan who can break up play like this. You can't have some lame ass run around. Nope. You have to play a little defense or provide an extra man offensively. Is it a dumb idea? Probably. But I'm all for seeing regular joes either get embarrassed by a pro or make a hell of a play like this. No other outcome. 

I love the celebration too. The lad (British word, nbd) popped up ready to go on the counterattack. He thought he was in the match for a second. Then he realized he made the tackle and just went arms up running around. Get your head in the game, pal. Start calling for the ball and make a run up the middle. 

Plus, you gotta love the dedication for a fifth tier team. These are the fans that live and die with every possession. Sure there are like 2,000 fans in the stands. But they fucking love their clubs. It's about respect. It was always about respect.