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T's And P's To Eleonora Incardona Who Is No Longer Enjoying Days Off And Stuck Working In Milan's Cold Weather

It's not every day that we can compare ourselves to one of the most attractive people in the world. But here we are. The weather is turning everywhere we look. There's frost on my grass this morning. Can barely get out early enough to golf these days. Hell even walking the dog, it's sweatshirt and a beanie over the bald dome of mine. Just like Eleonra Incardona who captioned that Instagram post 'Pity now that I'm in Milan working and dying of cold.' Hey I feel you Eleonra! Although nothing beats your favorite pair of sweats. Now it's not THAT cold in Milan. 

At least she got to take in the Juventus/Inter match a few days ago. 

Ate a little sushi too.

And now the rest of your photos.