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Roger Goodell Is 100% Lying In His Attempts To Cover For Dan Snyder And Is Being Directly Called Out By The Women Personally Involved




At this point everyone should realize the NFL is involved in a pretty large cover-up operation when it comes to Dan Snyder, the emails, and the Washington Football Team. The independent investigation yielded no written report- Snyder was fined $10 million and "stepped away" from running the team (not really though), naming his wife CEO and hiring Jason Wright to be his mouthpiece. 

But things are now getting juicier. The balloon is ever-expanding with the hot air being blown into it by Roger Goodell, who straight up today lied about why there was no written report. They asked for anonymity? Great, as they should have, redact their names, that's an easy fix. Now release the emails. Release the findings. If Dan is so innocent there should be zero issue with releasing the report right?

We all absolutely know Dan Snyder should not own an NFL franchise any longer. He is unfit for it. And the NFL rewarded him by allowing him to buy out the minority owners and own the full 100% stake in the team. It's pathetic how the NFL is complacent in sexual assault, the cheerleader pictures emails, and so much more wrongdoings. Goodell is saying he's ok with it. 

I hope nobody relents. I hope this thing continues to expand and more and more comes out. I don't know why Goodell and the NFL are allowed to sweep this under the rug, I don't know why Snyder gets to be protected like this, and I don't know why they can continue to lie and lie and lie about something as serious as this without any further punishment. 

If this continues down this path, the NFL might need a full reset. Obviously there are many other "old boys club" owners out there like Snyder who are shaking and sweating right now. If Snyder drops, who is next? Hopefully all of them, to be honest. And Goodell. But I'll start with Snyder since we KNOW he should not be the owner of the team right now. I don't know what it will take and I'm scared to find out, but god dammit I hope this piece of shit is forced out.