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Immanuel Quickley Out Here Getting Disrespectful At MSG And Destroying His Friend Tyrese Maxey's Soul

Good God Immanuel! That's one of your best friends! It's Cat on Cat crime baby! Then again, this is what I want to see. I'll always love Kentucky Tyrese Maxey. But he's the enemy now. Immanuel Quickley was and is the chosen one. He's our beloved Knick. He's our guy. The moment Maxey put on that stupid ass Sixers jersey it was time to separate Kentucky Maxey vs Sixers Maxey. 

Luckily Quickley did that for us. Sure people will scream that he tripped over Mitchell Robinson's feet. That tends to happen if you get lost defensively and start to spin around. You typically don't trip over someone when you're still in front of the ball and not getting lost. Love that extra second of holding the shot by IQ too. That's what he does. He quietly kills you. Always been that way. He'll hold the pose, do a little celebration and then drill another three in your face. 

Oh and you don't think that shot mattered? Let me introduce you to a little something called momentum. 

Maxey may want to spend halftime going with RICE on those ankles. It was a good run. Immanuel Quickley was always the guy though. Now run these bums off the goddamn court.