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Bezos And Amazon Want To Turn The Palm of Your Hand Into Your Ticket To Get Into Concerts and Sporting Events

CBS - Your palm could soon be your ticket into a concert.

Amazon says it is bringing its palm-recognition technology to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, and it will be available at other venues in the coming months. It's the first time the technology, called Amazon One, will be used outside some of Amazon's stores, where shoppers can pay for groceries and snacks by swiping their palms.

Starting Tuesday, concertgoers at Red Rocks can sign up to connect their palm to a ticketing account by hovering their hand over a device. They only need to sign up once and then can use their palm to get into other shows and events at the venue. An Amazon account is not needed to use it.

Amazon signed a deal with entertainment company AEG to bring the technology to Red Rocks, which sells tickets on AEG's ticketing site, AXS.

Bryan Perez, CEO of AXS, said other venues plan to add the technology in the coming months but he declined to say where or how many. AEG partners with more than 350 stadiums and theaters around the world.

Concertgoers can get to their seats faster with their palm than holding up their phone to an attendant to scan a bar code, Perez said. Those who want to scan their palms will have a separate lane to enter.

"You don't have to fumble around with your phone," said Perez. "Your hand is always attached to your body."

Privacy experts have warned against companies using biometric data, such as face or palm scans, because of the risk of it being hacked and stolen. 

Totally bro. Your hand is always attached to your body unlike those cumbersome clunky things we call phones. Or even worse, paper tickets.

Fuck that. This is genius. I mean what's the worse that could happen?

The potential risks involved with biometric payment systems may outweigh the small convenience of raising a phone rather than your hand. Unlike a password or barcode, biometric information — fingerprints, retina, facial or voice — are forever a part of your identity. If stolen, the information could be used by hackers indefinitely to gain access to buildings, flights — anything to which the personal biometric information is linked.

Amazon said it keeps palm images in a secure part of its cloud storage system and doesn't store the information on the Amazon One device. Users can also ask for their information to be deleted at any time, the company said.

Amazon recently raised the hackles of some privacy advocates by launching a service, called Sidewalk, that links Amazon-enabled smart devices. The low-bandwidth network taps into a customer's home WiFi to connect Alexa smart speakers, Ring security cameras, Tile location trackers and other outdoor sensors. 

Sure, whatever you say pal.

I was born at night. But not last night.

Hey look, man, tell me you don't like my firm, tell me you don't like my idea, tell me you don't like my fuckin neck tie, but don't tell me that you're only going to store our fingerprints on some super-secure network for use to get in to Red Rocks to see Rufus and that's it. 

Just when we think it can't get any more dystopian than things already are, you try to sneak this one by us. 

And you know how I know you're lying Amazon? 

Because you just got caught keeping recordings of people that have Echo dots for no explanation whatsoever last week!

NY POST - A woman was shocked to discover just how much data Amazon has collected about her.

She posted a viral TikTok video explaining how she requested to see the data but wasn’t expecting to receive so much.

TikToker explained: “I requested all the data Amazon has on me and here’s what I found.”

She revealed that she has three Amazon smart speakers.

Two are Amazon Dot speakers and one is an Echo device. She said: “When I downloaded the ZIP file these are all the folders it came with.”

The TikToker then clicked on the audio file and revealed thousands of short voice clips that she claims Amazon has collected from her smart speakers.

She described them as “so scary” and played one of her talking about turning on a light.

There are said to be 3,534 short audio clips in that file alone.

She was also sent a “Contacts” file.

The TikToker stated: “It turns out they have a full list of my contacts from my phone and I never remember syncing that.”

She revealed another file that apparently showed the exact location of her Alexa smart speakers.

Did George Orwell do it again or did George Orwell do it again? 

Do you ever think back to not so long ago, when we didn't even have phones capable of texting? Nevermind capable of launching rockets into space. 

If you had to drive somewhere there was no GPS with guided directions via Wayz or Google Maps.

No sir. We had to rock with fuckin Map Quest baby.

You had to go on the internet, which was blazing 56k dial-up speed then, type in your address, type in your destination, then let it formulate a route for you. Then you'd print it out and hold onto it for dear life. It was basically Google Maps in print. 

Sure it was basically just like taking out your atlas and figuring out the route yourself and writing it down but this was quicker. Plus it kept the folks at Epson filling those printer cartridges and whacking you for $80 a pop in business. Everybody was happy. Unless you left your printed-out directions at home on the counter, or spilled your coffee on them and or something. Then you were up shits creek again. 

My point is, those were simpler times, but we were happy then. 

We didn't have to worry about our privacy being infringed on. Or fucking hackers stealing our biometric data, which mark my words Jeffrey, will 1000% happen once you've stockpiled a good amount of people's fingerprints, retina scans, saliva traces, and semen samples which we all know you have sequenced to roll-out in Q1 and Q2 of 2022. The Russians and Chinese read these articles and their mouths start salivating like Pavlov's dog.

"Hey Viktor, can you believe this shit? We don't even have to figure out a way to get ahold of stupid American's data. They're doing it for us!" - some Russian hacker piece of shit probably

Take me back to the Map Quest days.

p.s.- one of the worst fates you could suffer was having a stack of map quest printouts in your car and mistakenly picking up the wrong one and not realizing you were following the wrong directions until you were way way way out the way. Kids today will never know.