Respect The Hell Out Of Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney For Sitting In The Stands During An Away Match To Watch The Soccer Team They Own

I was waiting for this moment. The moment that Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds showed up to their first Wrexham match. Now I didn't expect it to come on the road, but I respect the hell out of that move. Go into enemy territory and sit in the stands? Beautiful. Granted they probably don't have suites and boxes at that level of soccer, I love that they are just sitting behind the old guy in glasses. I love even more that the old guy in glasses slapped that bad boys on just to get a joke off. You see a camera with two of the biggest names in Hollywood? You better come prepared and this man understood the assignment. 

Now the result? Well, Wrexham lost 3-2 playing with just 10 men. Don't worry Mac had the perfect response. 

Now they have to show up to a home match. No other way about it. Wrexham fans have gone BANANAS for these two ever since they took over. I'm talking songs, I'm talking parties, just love that they have this new ownership. 

My biggest complaint here though was not having a clear as day drink. They have coffee, which should have some bourbon in there. But come on. Embrace the culture. Get yourself a beer and watch soccer. I don't care if they don't sell it or not, you need to be in the pub pregame with the fans and be singing with Wrexham supporters. Maybe save it for the home game, but I need to see them go all in here. 

Still want nothing more than Wrexham to keep getting promoted. Need it.