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An Instagram Model Posted A Photoshoot She Did With Her Deceased Father's Open Casket On Instagram, Yes That Is A Real Sentence

This girl has since deleted her instagram, but as usual, Twitter reigns supreme over Insta, and this...display, will now live forever on our feeds. 

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people? I know "everyone grieves in different ways" but can we draw the line here? Can we all agree that "posing for photos in front of your dead father's open casket" is where we stop ourselves from all this self indulgence? I imagine you'd get a decent amount of clout for a dead parent from instagram WITHOUT having to post a photo of their dead body, or taking thotty pics in front of the casket? This girl like, bought a hot dress for the occasion? I knew a girl once who's father was sick for a long time, eventually passing away, and she posted photos of his dead body in the hospital bed on Facebook. I thought it was fucking bonkers, but it was the first time I saw something truly shocking and sad, from someone I knew, going through some shit. Thinking back to that, which was much more "this girl needs some help and guidance" then "this girl is looking for attention," makes me truly, TRULY wonder how people like the IG model above exist unironically in this world. I can't even begin to understand what possesses you to feel the need to do this without hesitation. I feel the general rule is... are there dead people in your photo? Maybe don't post that one! Maybe get your funeral fit pics off, on the other side of the room! Fucking insane. 

Don't get me started on the hashtags. RIP to this man, and extra prayers up for his daughter, who is VERY CLEARLY lost. 

Also PS - sorry for saying "dead body" so many times. I just don't know what else to call it! It's a body, that's dead! I can't imagine it's any more offensive than the entire subject of this blog.