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Only Phil Mickelson: Cards A Couple 9s At A Tournament In Virginia, Promptly Flies To Houston And Gets An Ace On Camera

Fucking Phil. No one else in the world can do this. I'm not talking about the ace. I'm talking about carding a 9 on the twice over the weekend and then getting a hole-in-one. That's a Phil special if I've ever seen one. The only surprise here is him not talking shit or making jokes on camera about it all. Now call me crazy, but I want to see the two 9s he carded going viral. Let me see a professional golfer, hell a Hall of Famer, just look like me. The two 9s? They happened on the same par 5s at the Dominion Energy Tournament in Virginia. 

Who hasn't been there before? Push one OB or shank it into some shit. Tell yourself it's all about the second shot only to top it again. Get a decent shot with some momentum and then dick around by the green. I assume that's what Phil did, just with a good chip. No doubt in my mind Phil didn't hit a bad chip there.  But I love that he promptly flies to Houston and gets an ace. Save the good stuff for a camera. 

Decent shot here though. A couple feet past the hole, gets the backspin. Pretty jealous. If I land it there, there's a 100% chance that ball takes off and rolls to the back of the green. Then I'm worried about 3-putting when I just want to see a par on the card. Must be nice to put a 1 down. I'd take two 9s over a couple days for an ace. Not even thinking about it. Don't care if that 1 gets me to an 89. I'd be obnoxious about it. Oh you shot a 76 in the clubhouse? Yeah but did you hear about the ace on 12? Yeah, I had that. Scored an 89. Decent day.