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BREAKING: San Diego Padres Interview OZZIE GUILLEN For Their Managerial Opening. Let's Go!!!!

LET'S GOO!!! I'll never forget the day the White Sox hired Ozzie Guillen nearing two decades ago. My dad (William Williams, Jr.) looked me dead in the eyes and said, "It might not be with the White Sox, but Ozzie Guillen will win a World Series as a manager." Simple as that. Luckily for us, my dad's prediction came true and it came true with Ozzie hoisting the commissioner's trophy for the White Sox in 2005.

Personal stories aside, Ozzie Guillen belongs in baseball. He is one of the very best characters the game over the last 40 years. In a sport that is desperate for new fans and eyeballs, Ozzie Guillen and his motormouth (and I say that as a term of endearment) would put at least *some* asses in seats once he gets going. Plain and simple. I don't follow wrestling at all so excuse me if this is a poor analogy, but he'd be the PERFECT wrestling villain persona if you're a rival of the Padres, but on the flip side, the perfect leader if you're a fan of the Padres. He's that exuberant of a personality. 

Mad TV doesn't just spoof anybody:

Oh, and he knows a thing or two about baseball. We've interviewed him twice on Red Line Radio and those two interviews totaled like 7 hours. Dude eats, sleeps, breaths and gets off to baseball. Simple as that. More importantly is he's a great leader of men. I know that is cliche to say about a coach, but players go to WAR for Ozzie. Just ask Frank Thomas who wanting Ozzie to go after the Mets job when he was in our office a few weeks back:

If Ozzie lands this job, and he probably won't because of the political climate of 2021 and his past comments regarding Cuba, etc. and they'll probably go with some Harvard grad that's a yes man for Preller, but if the Padres want someone that will get the absolute most out of their loaded core of young talent, Ozzie is the guy to hire. He'd be the perfect wild card for that team and it wouldn't be a shock to anybody if he led them to a World Series at some point in the next 5 years if the Padres do in fact pull the trigger on him. I'd instantly make them my pseudo NL team I root for. If it goes down it, the #SonsOfUribe alliance between White Sox fans and Mets fans would take a back seat to the new alliance between Pads and Sox fans that will be known as #SonsOfOzzie

Here's our full interview with him from a few weeks back. Watch this and tell me you don't love this man. You'd be lying if you did