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'Dune Part Two' Has Been Confirmed (To The Surprise Of Nobody)

First off, it is a massive whiff not titling the movie '2ne'. But whatever. Secondly, this is not really a surprise to anyone who watched the movie. It is essentially one massive setup, writing a lot of checks for a sequel(s) to cash. If even a single executive at Lionsgate OK'd the script, cut or storyline for this movie without the express intention of making a sequel, they would deserve to be fired! This was always in the cards regardless of the reception or box office numbers. Don't let the PR fool you. 

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Personally, I really loved a lot about 'Dune'. It is gorgeous and condenses the thick source material as much as was probably possible. I also feel like the fact that this was so much setup kind of hurt the movie, as I left it feeling like it was an incomplete part of a whole, rather than it's own thing. I didn't have that same feeling after other multi-installment epics like Lord of the Rings. Anyway, you can hear my full thoughts as well as Jeff's and Large's here: