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James Franklin Says His Complete Focus Is On Illinois Because It's Tough To Play At The Big House......Except He Plays At Ohio State On Saturday

To be fair, the Big House is basically Ohio State's second home stadium as well with the amount of times we've won there in the last two decades. But either way, it's pretty clear James Franklin has checked out. Got Southern California on his mind. Or apparently he's got anything on his mind except for his trip to Columbus this weekend.

Illinois....? Probably should have focused on Illinois LAST WEEK, Coach. You know, when you lost 20-18 to the 5th place team in the Big Ten West because you guys couldn't get two yards on the 2-5 Illini. Those 9 overtimes must've killed a lot of brain cells. 

Apparently he said his focus is on Illinois this week not just once but TWICE this afternoon.

Complete focus. I'm sure his team is going to be locked in, just like he is. Just like they all need to be ahead of their trip to Columbus for a primetime matchup with the #5 Buckeyes.

And I've seen some people say James Franklin is trolling us. Nope, no chance. That's what you get from used car salesmen like him. He's one foot out the door. Check his Zillow search history and you'll find plenty of single family homes in Southern California. He gone.

But either way, Ryan Day will not forget this.

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Coach Day doesn't take too kindly to disrespect. And the Buckeyes look goooooood. Ohio State by 100.