BREAKING: Stan Bowman Has Resigned His Position As President After The Findings Related To The Brad Aldrich Investigation

Well, credit to Wirtz, and apparently Bowman for doing the right thing. Bowman deserved to be fired for this. Can't really throw a parade for righting a wrong 11 years after the fact, but this was the only step the organization could take at this juncture. Bowman and MacIsaac are gone. As is John McDonough. Anyone who had their fingerprints on this thing has been removed. That doesn't change anything for the victims, but at least we can have some faith in the Wirtz family to do the right thing with all the facts at their disposal. 

What this means for the hockey ops department going forward I have no idea. Kyle Davidson is the interim GM. Davidson was more of a Norm MacIver coaching tree guy than Stan/Al. So that's good. Weird day. Bad day overall. Hopefully the future is brighter.