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Little Man Landing A Double Backflip On A Scooter Is The Raddest Thing You'll See Today

You remember when Razor scooters first came out? The best trick you could land was just not drilling the shit out of your ankle with the deck. Hands down greatest trick in the game was just being able to head back inside for dinner without your socks drenched in blood after you tore your ankle up to shreds. Maybe you landed a tailwhip one time when none of your friends were around to witness it but you swear you actually landed it. 

Then we've got this fella right here. Have to imagine he's no older than 10. Still believes in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. Probably learning his multiplication tables and how to tie his shoes. Meanwhile he's stepping up and stomping out a double backflip like it's nothing. Lands it clean as a whistle, too. No doubts about it. Just drops right in and sends it. 

Amazing reaction, too. Nothing better than some pure, unbridled joy. This is actually a great little test to see how much of a heart you still have. If seeing how happy this little maniac was after landing that double didn't make you happy, then you might be dead inside. 

Sidenote: Thank god it seemed like dad was filming here. Can't imagine mom's hands would be still enough to capture that shot when little fella is 15 feet in the air and upside down.