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Jose Mourinho Gets Tossed From Game, Hides Behind A Banner To Keep Coaching Roma To A *Shocking* 0-0 Draw

Fucking Jose man. Of course it was him, it was always going to be Jose. Out of all the soccer managers in the world, there's no doubt that Jose would be the one to hide behind a banner to keep managing. I love it. You don't kick me out of the game, I kick you out of the game type shit. We all know soccer refs have too much of power trips. The way they get all smug and call a player over to deliver a card. Drives me insane. Again, I say this as someone who led my high school league in cards for multiple years. Wasn't my fault, I blame the refs. Not to mention how much they rely on VAR and fuck up calls. 

At least he got them a point. Shocking, I know a 0-0 draw. (h/t The Sun)

JOSE MOURINHO was not about to let the simple fact of being sent from the touchline stop him from managing his Roma side.

The Portuguese tactician was given his marching orders after technical area histrionics in the heated 0-0 draw with Napoli.

Gotta give respect to Bobby Valentine here though. 

The man set the tone for refusing to get ejected. I stand by this move as silly as it seems. You don't like the ejection call, you contest it. What are they going to do? Eject you again? Big deal. Show me all the red cards. I'm going to keep on coaching and dare you to do something. Like this Mexican manager. Still one of my favorite ones. 

I'm all for coaches and managers daring the refs to do something else. Love it. Now let's sit back and enjoy Earl Weaver, the king of getting tossed. THIS CREW IS HERE JUST TO FUCK US.