This Is The Greatest Collection Of PS2 Games That You Could Find In 2021

This is undoubtedly the greatest collection of PlayStation 2 games that I've ever seen! Shoutout to Dave for tagging me in this gem of a box that almost left me speechless.

Seeing this back in the day would've been an awesome collection, but seeing them in 2021 in their original cases is so much cooler for these iconic games.

Also, can we all agree that the PS2 loading screen was way ahead of its time?

It's hard for me to even single out a few of these games to highlight, so I'll start with the GOAT movie series Lord of the Rings. Seemingly every single LOTR video game was an absolute BANGER (especially LOTR conquest on the 360). Back in the day, my brother and I would take turns using Gimli and try to defend the Two Towers.

Moving around the box I immediately note my favorite gaming series of all time - Kingdom Hearts. This box contains both KH1 and KH2. My heart is warm.


NFL Street, MVP Baseball, Spyro, Madden 2004, Sly Cooper, Star Wars Battlefront II - Every single game in this box is an absolute banger.

However TJ pointed out one icon that's missing…

Which got me thinking about which game did I think was missing….easy - Splinter Cell

What a day for nostalgia. Any games you notice are missing? If you wanna keep the convo going, I'm live on Twitch right now!

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