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BREAKING: Blackhawks To Announce Findings To Sexual Assault Investigation Today At 1pm CST. Mark Lazerus Reports That "Organizational Changes Are Coming"

Well this is quite the bomb to drop here on an off day. 

I have no sources. I can't get a text or email returned at the moment. I don't know anything about the investigation. 

My gut tells me that the "organizational changes" will be Al MacIsaac. He was in the meeting. The quote from key witness, Paul Vincent, made it seem like Al was the main guys speaking in the private meeting with Stan, John McDonough, Al MacIsaac, and Vincent. His quote 

"We’ve got it handled. You are assuming something happened and we’re going to look into it. You don’t need to look into it anymore.’” Vincent said he advised the executives to report the alleged abuse to police. “I did say to them I think you need to call the Chicago PD (Police Department) and have them quietly investigate,” Vincent told the Jenner & Block investigators. “That’s when MacIsaac said, ‘You don’t need to worry about this. We’ll take care of it… You can leave now.’ So I walk outside. Two of the coaches are still waiting for me, John Torchetti and Mike Haviland. I said, ‘You won’t believe what just happened.’ I explained it. And we went off to dinner.”

I think you could take that comment and send MacIsaac to the gallows and be justified in doing so. Obviously they know wayyyy more than I do at this point. 

I find it interesting that this press conference is supposedly going to be just Rocky and Danny. No Jamie makes sense because she wasn't here when this happened. The other president, Stan Bowman, was there for all of it. You'd think he'd be involved with the press conference because he JUST promoted Al. Al is his guy. We'll find out. Buckle up.