Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes Is Getting Roasted Over a Bizarre Video Where He's Sucking On His 20 Year Old Daughter's Toes

Alright Paul Scholes what are we doing here? What's going on pal? I personally am not a foot/toe guy in the bedroom if I'm ever in the company of another woman, but to each their own with their kinks, I'm not going to judge. When I will judge is when a father is seen sucking on his own daughter's toes. His 20 year old daughter. Not a child, we're talking an adult woman. 9-1-1, FBI, CIA, MI6. We need assistance. 

After reading a little bit it appears he was removing a splinter and not just sucking some toes for fun? Tweezers exist dude, just use a tweezer it was invented for situations exactly like this. It's not like they were stranded in the woods, they're very clearly in an apartment. Don't suck on your daughter's toes. And for the love of god if you're gonna go through with this for some godforsaken reason do not by any means share it on social media for the masses to see. Good heavens. You just can’t have a pic of your daughter's toe in your mouth out there. 

Apparently he's always been a weird cat. Imagine commenting on your hot daughter's Instagram like this? 

Yeah nope. 

The soccer faithful across the pond had some fun with all this of course. 

PAUL SCHOLES! HE SUCKS HIS DAUGHTER'S TOES! Relentless. I'd go into hiding for the rest of time. 

Not a big soccer guy myself so I'm not too fond of Paul Scholes, but his daughter Alicia I can certainly become a fan of.