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Mike Tomlin Is Not So Subtlety Dying For A Mobile QB

Translation: "I know Ben is a legend here and we're going to ride it out, but god DAMN I need a dude like Kyler, Lamar, even Joey B, etc." 

I can't blame him. Mike T has spent his whole Steelers tenure with Big Ben and has had a front row seat to his decline from Backyard Big Ben to geriatric Big Ben. Credit to Tomlin for only going this far to drop hints about how important he realizes it is to have a young, mobile dude in today's NFL. He walks a fine line of sending a message about what he wants without straight up saying "hey it's really hard to feel great about your offensive attack when your 39-year-old QB wants to get rid of the ball in less than two seconds and if his first read isn't there then it kinda becomes a shit show" like we've seen so far this year. 

What's interesting, though, is Jay Glazer has already reported Tomlin told him he doesn't want to "start over" with a rookie QB...so who would please him then? Sign Cam Newton? Make a hail mary trade for Russell Wilson? Not a lot of options to go to for a mobile QB that isn't drafting a young dude like Kenny Pickett or Malik Willis or Matt Corral. 

One thing is clear, though, the Big Ben era is wearing thin on Coach T.