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I Have Moved This Right Tackle To The Top Of My Draft Board

Thank goodness this highlight came prepackaged with the player in question circled and highlighted, otherwise you'd really have to squint and rewind to catch the action here. Luckily my keenly trained scouting eye didn't need no stinkin' glowing circle. I spotted this runaway train miles away. 

Too many players these days - children of Millennials no doubt - are afraid to finish plays. Play through the whistle is how we were taught to strap it on. The whistle was more of a suggestion of when to stop the action than a steadfast rule. Nowadays you see too many prospects pulling up well before the play is blown dead in fear of a penalty. That's their excuse, at least. I call it cowardice. Too many water breaks at practice. As long as your opponent is still standing the play is still ongoing in my eyes, and it's refreshing to see such a throwback prospect play the game the way it was meant to be played. #17 on blue was a textbook bug to the windshield of an 18-wheeler cruising down the highway, the long haul trucker blissfully unaware as he receives a toothless blowjob from the truck stop nightwalker he picked up some miles back. #5, however? That was personal. That had some vitriol, like an old man trying to order soup in a crowded a deli. You bring #75 into your organization you're setting the tone, it's a culture-shifting draft pick to reestablish toughness in the trenches. Any quarterback would be thankful to play behind #75, and that's why he is my current top ranked overall prospect on my big board.